Hospitality Your Business? Sleep Tight. You’re Insured for That.

Hospitality is big business, but it’s not without its risks.

Whether you run a cozy 10-room bed and breakfast, or you have hundreds of suites in a high-rise hotel, you need strong insurance protection.

Let A+ Insurance Agency and Financial Service help you choose the right types of insurance plans, policies, and packages to blanket you in peace of mind. Because we are not affiliated with one carrier, we can shop on your behalf and help you find an affordable insurance solution for your hospitality business.

Talk to us today: 866-669-0328. Then, sleep well tomorrow.

Is Your Insurance the Right Fit?

Are you sure that you’re as covered as the beds you offer to tired lodgers looking for a good night’s rest? Have you grown a bit since you first signed on for your business insurance?

Many times, hotel, inn, motel, and other hospitality facility owners lose track of their insurance policies until disaster strikes. Don’t wait until you need your insurance to do some due diligence and determine which policies keep you safest.

For instance, you might have gaps in your insurance that could lead to big bills if there’s a problem down the road. Hotels, motels, and other lodging establishments are sometimes surprised to learn that they may need at least the following types of insurance, if not others:

  • General Liability Insurance – Because you deal with the public on a regular basis, you need to protect yourself against problems associated with slip and fall incidents and other concerns. General liability insurance gives you the coverage necessary to mitigate your out-of-pocket costs and, if need be, legal damages.
  • Medical Insurance – Larger hotels and motels have a responsibility to offer their workers health insurance that is at least partially subsidized by the business. Know your rights as well as your responsibilities when it comes to this type of insurance.
  • Property Insurance – Your property includes anything that belongs to your lodging establishment. Cover yourself against damage and theft with this type of insurance.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – An injured employee can lead to large bills. Protect your business and your staff with workers’ compensation insurance.

Depending upon other amenities available at your facility, you may also want to consider Innkeepers’ Insurance or a Liquor Liability Insurance policy, too. Talk to us today about your goals for the future, and we’ll help you stay on track to reach your dreams.

Have an Onsite Restaurant? We Can Help!

Do you offer guests and walk-in patrons an onsite restaurant as part of your hotel, inn, convention center, or lodge? You’ll want to make sure that your restaurant is protected. If you’re not the owner, talk to us about getting a reward for referring your restaurant owner to us for insurance services!

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